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Our Story

Our Story

Hi, we’re Bed Threads—thanks for dropping by!

Believe it or not, you probably arrived here the same way we did.

When we moved into a new apartment back in 2014, we wanted to sleep in pure, 100% linen bedding that came complete with all the trimmings.

It had to be high-quality, simple to wash, easy on the environment, affordable and beautiful. Reasonable enough, right? We scanned far and wide and researched online and in stores—but nothing we found ticked all our boxes. Either we were forced to go over budget, upsold into a bunch of extras we didn’t need or left underwhelmed with the quality of what we could find.

We did the maths and our equation is simple: high quality, pure, 100% French flax linen at a price point you won’t lose sleep over. We think it’s silly to have to compromise a good night’s sleep because of high cost or low quality.

Our initial offering—a humble set with everything you need (two pillowcases, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet) to sleep well—launched in 2017, and our first drop sold out in three weeks.

Since then, we've been hard at work on making the space and sleep of your dreams a reality, in a way that's right for us and our planet. All of our pieces are OEKO-TEX 100 Certified (so, no nasty chemicals in any of your Threads) and dyed with eco-friendly dyestuff. We are a fully carbon-neutral business.

As for our range, it now includes an expansive bedding collection (20+ colours and counting!), ultra-comfortable sleepwearthoughtfully curated homewares, a luxurious bathroom offering, and elevated tableware. We also have a journal that's updated daily with pieces on sleep, wellness, interiors and exclusive home tours with Australia's most inspiring makers.

So please, stay a while—and make yourself at home.

Genevieve and Alan

Founders, Bed Threads

Our Approach

The Real Deal

Comfort, 365 Days A Year

Threads That Count

Our Clean Sleep Promise

A Price-Tag That Won’t Keep You Up At Night

There’s nothing like the real thing and at Bed Threads we’re uncompromising when it comes to the material we use: natural, 100% pure French flax linen, so you don’t have to worry about sorting the wheat from the chaff. We’ve already done it for you.
Our Bed Threads are in-built with natural temperature-regulating abilities, meaning your sheets will become light and cool in the summer and cosy in the winter, so you can sleep soundly all year round.
It's a myth that higher thread counts equal superior bedding. Sheets that boast astronomical numbers are actually made up of threads woven together artificially to up their thread count. Linen doesn’t even have a thread count—it is a totally natural fibre, and its rating is measured by grams per square metre. This indicates how heavy it is. With a cool GSM of 170, our linen is light enough to stay breathable during summer, heavy enough to act as an insulator in winter, and thick enough to withstand wear or tear.
Linen originates from flax—a humble plant—and requires less water and fewer pesticides to cultivate than other manchesters. Plus, the entire linen crop is utilised and it is a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable resource. We're also a carbon-neutral company, which means we will measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions where possible, doing our bit to protect and conserve the environment. As for our packaging? It's proudly plastic-free, so you can rest easy knowing your linen is an eco-friendly choice every time your head hits the pillow.
It’s simple: quality goods shouldn’t cost a fortune, and everyone should enjoy the luxury of a beautiful home. Our business is direct-to-customer—which means we've cut out the middle men to pass the savings directly onto you.

The Bed Threads Difference

Finding the right sheets shouldn’t be tiring—but investing in an entire bedding set can feel like a huge commitment. We make it easy and accessible by offering a quality 100% flax linen set for a fraction of the cost. Our signature bedding sets include two pillowcase, a duvet cover and a fitted sheet, at an accessible price-point, delivered free Australia-wide.

Pure Linen Used To Be Inaccessible. Not Anymore

The production of pure linen is labour-intensive, time-consuming and rests in the hands of nature, making it a hot, high-priced commodity. How come? The flax plant only grows in certain climates—a particular stretch of Western Europe that spans from France to the Netherlands to be exact—and demands a lot of time and resources to manufacture, resulting in retail mark-ups. So what’s the point? The final product is beautiful and durable, plus we’ve cut the middle-man out to deliver you practical, premium bedding at a price you won’t lose sleep over.

Welcome to Bed Threads

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