This Is Exactly How Much Sleep You Need According To Your Star Sign

First things first, we know that astrology is an, ahem, unscientific science. And we recognise that the (medically recommended!) optimum level of sleep is between 7-9 hours a night. But it is fun to think about behaviour categorisations and what they might tell us about ourselves. (Not into it? You're probably a Capricorn.) This is the thing we enjoy when it comes to the zodiac. And when enjoyed in that manner, we think it’s pretty harmless. So, without further ado, let’s have some fun thinking about how much sleep you need to get, according to your star sign. Sweet dreams.


Passionate, ambitious and driven, an Aries can survive on very little sleep as it’s all part of their desire to get more done in a day. For Aries, sleep could be seen as a waste of time. As such, it’s very possible that an Aries could get by on the bare minimum of sleep per evening, which is about six hours a night, giving them more time during the day to achieve all their goals.


The poor old Taurus gets a bit of a bad rap for being self-indulgent and lazy. Might we remind everyone that Tauruses are also loyal and reliable people who are very pragmatic? But back to that self-indulgent streak for a second. It’s that which makes the Taurus a heavy sleeper and prone to a lie in. Don’t be surprised if a Taurus likes to sprawl out in bed for up to nine hours of an evening. It’s their happy place.


If only Geminis could find a happy medium between too much sleep and too little sleep. But like so many aspects of this zodiac sign, Geminis are always fluctuating between opposite ends of the spectrum. Sometimes, they’re breezing by on six hours a night while on others they collapse into bed early and can’t get out the following evening. Geminis also love to nap. It’s these little moments of shut-eye that can keep them powering forward.


With high levels of emotional intelligence and a calm, resilient temperament, Cancers are strong and occasionally silent types. It takes a lot of sleep to help them maintain their equilibrium between their emotions, which is just fine by the privacy-loving Cancers. There’s no place they love more than their warm, cosy bed.


A Leo sleeps best when they’re not on their own in the bed, whether it’s spooning their partner or curled up with a best friend. Leos crave love and company, even while sleeping, and when a Leo gets what they need they will enjoy restful and deep sleep for seven or eight hours at a time. But when a Leo is on their own they can find their sleep patterns disrupted. Watch out for this if you’re a Leo travelling away from your friends and family. And if you’re a single Leo, make sure to be kind to yourself and love yourself.


Is it any surprise that Virgos tend to get by on very little sleep? The perfectionist, critical, fastidious star sign is similar to Aries in the way that they view sleep: as a barrier to getting stuff done. Plus, because Virgos can worry and have anxiety, sleep is often a fraught time when insomnia or sleep disorders can invade their carefully crafted personal space. Virgos can get by on six hours of sleep, but they would feel much, much better if they got a bit more.


People-pleasing Libras give so much to other people. They’re good listeners, solid friends, reliable colleagues and kind family members. But they can only serve this function in people’s lives when they get the sleep that they need. Because of that, a Libra should try and have between seven and eight hours of sleep as much as they can. This will be their chance to recharge their batteries and fill up the tank for another day of being everyone’s support network.


Scorpios really do the most, don’t they? Passionate, jealous, opinionated and courageous, they’re always extra, sometimes overwhelming, but never boring. Sometimes, Scorpios can find it hard to fall asleep, but when they do they often enter deep sleep immediately and have intense dream cycles, occasionally even going lucid. It’s here that Scorpios get the opportunity to work through some of their intense emotions, which is why sleep is so important for them.


Yes, there are periods when the adventurous Sagittarius signs function on very little sleep. It’s usually specific to a certain time in their life, whether they’re planning a big project, or building a new business or on the mindblowing holiday of a lifetime. In these moments, sleep is low on the priority list for a Sagittarius, but when life routines to a more normal routine Sagittarius people often find themselves craving regularity. Think of it this way: five or six hours is enough when under pressure, but eight hours is ideal.


Serious and measured, a Capricorn knows that the right amount of sleep to have is the most amount of sleep. Which means that they’re an eight hour a night kind of people, and will probably have a nightly sleep hygiene routine that they work through before nodding off, too. Capricorns love being regimented, so they often stick to the same bedtime every evening, with their alarm going off at the same time every morning. Capricorns sure are predictable, aren’t they? But that’s what we love about them.


An Aquarius is usually independent, intelligent and endlessly inventive, which is a recipe for disaster when it comes to sleep. They’re always on, which means that it’s very hard for them to switch off. Aquarius signs often have trouble sleeping and as such have learnt to function on very little sleep at all. About six hours is their average, although it would be best if they could squeeze in seven or eight hours whenever they can. When they do get to sleep, an Aquarius is likely to get up as early as possible in the morning to make the most of their day. Rise and shine!


They're the dreamers of the zodiac so it's not surprising that Pisces need their sleep the most. That’s because they are so sensitive, empathetic and intuitive, and all these qualities of emotional intelligence require sleep to nurture them. But, thanks to their keen imagination and escapist streak, Pisces don’t just need sleep, they look forward to it. Dreaming is a time for a Pisces to open their mind to new possibilities. Ideally, Pisces need the full eight hours of sleep each night, and they’re going to enjoy every second of it.

If you are concerned about your health, wellbeing or sleep, your first port of call should be your GP, who will advise a correct treatment plan. 

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